I adore leading ecourses. They’re fun for me to create, and a fabulous way to share new ideas, break through barriers, and spend some time with like-minded small business owners.



12 Days

12 Days of Christmas is a self-paced course featuring, unsurprisingly, 12 days of videos, worksheets and checklists to help get you prepared for a fabulous Christmas, wherever you are right now. Designed for makers and creative entrepreneurs with products to sell, this course will inspire your socks off!

Registration opens: 12 July (pre-orders open 12 June)
Course runs: On demand from 12 July
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This monthly programme outlines all the things you can do to plan ahead for your product-based business: what to design, what to promote, what to photograph in plenty of time for seasonal gifting occasions. Available in standard and extra formats, depending on what you need most.
Registration opens: NOW
Course runs: Every month, just before the end of the month
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The Year's End

I love the promise of a fresh year, a fresh start. I also love spreadsheets. I’ve created a beautiful package for you to help you look back at last year and look forward to next year.

It’s based on the way I look at my own business: the balance between financial analysis, thinking about my happiness and satisfaction, and of course doing good work.

More than that, it’s based on my work with small creative businesses. I’ve been working with creative entrepreneurs, designers, makers, writers, for over seven years, and I know the ins and outs of selling products online. This workbook assesses all the different areas of your business, helping you to see what’s going well and what needs to change.

Registration opens: January
Course runs: At your own pace
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