I adore leading ecourses. They’re fun for me to create, and a fabulous way to share new ideas, break through barriers, and spend some time with like-minded small business owners.


Progress not Perfection

My group coaching programme runs month to month, so you can jump in whenever you’re ready. This course is designed to keep you organised, motivated, and working towards your dreams. We have a dedicated Facebook group and monthly coaching calls, as well as lots of resources to suit your learning style.

When: Ongoing

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social media workshop

Self care and social media for business owners

Join me for three live workshops designed to help you cultivate healthier boundaries with social media while you market your business. We’ll identify how social media supports your business, and where it’s holding you back. I’ll cover my personal approach to unfollowing people, and how to use clear strategies that are right for you to make sure you’re not sucked into comparison, fear or doubt.

Registration opens: Summer 2018
Course runs: Summer 2018
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