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Ali“I have been fortunate enough to have been guided and supported by Jenny for over 4 years through her role as Senior Engagement and Learning Manager at notonthehighstreet.com. Jenny’s knowledge of how to sell online, by creating a great product page, using engaging copy and photos, has helped us to grow our business on NOTHS significantly.

Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious and after attending one of her many NOTHS e-courses, I always felt inspired to act on the practical tips and advice. I can’t thank Jenny enough for assisting us in getting to where we are today.” – Ali, owner at milly and pip

“I have known Jenny for several years through her work for notonthehighstreet.com, and she is someone I’ve an enormous amount of time for… She is well worth connecting with. A wise woman with a light touch.” – Jane, owner at Snapdragon Online

Joanne Hawker “Jenny’s friendly yet professional approach to my business worries helped in all the right places. She helped me to address the points which had been holding me back, both design- and confidence-wise. With a little positive encouragement she then managed to give me the tools and enthusiasm I needed to continue forward in the right direction.

It’s really useful to have a professional opinion from the outside looking in because she was able to tell me what was working, where I can improve and pick up on those little things that had been overlooked. I certainly have a little bit of homework to be getting on with but I see that as a good thing! I will, without a doubt, be coming back to Jenny with a few other things I want to work on in the near future. ” – Joanne Hawker

bookishly“As a small creative business, and someone who is used to doing most things for myself, SEO and good product descriptions are quite daunting. Trying to find someone that you trust to help is hard as it isn’t cheap (quite rightly). It’s a bit like hiring a car mechanic – if you know nothing about cars then you have no idea whether they are doing a good job. Because of Jenny’s experience, I know she knows my industry, and I know she knows how to make SEO work. I was so glad to find someone I could trust!” – Louise, owner at Bookishly

Laura“I cannot possibly recommend Jenny highly enough. I feel so comfortable working with her, and am always ten times more confident after our sessions. She listens to my worries without judgement, advises me in the most professional and experienced manner, and encourages me like no-one else can.

I have learnt so much already in the few weeks we have been working together, and am pushing my business self further than ever before. Jenny is a very special find, and I am thrilled to be working with her.” – Laura, owner at Clara and Macy

“If you’re considering engaging with Jenny to help you out with your handmade business, I’d say go for it! It’s not often that small businesses can’t benefit from her level of expertise and enthusiasm and you should grab every opportunity to do so with both hands. Thank you Jenny, you are a star!”  – Maria, owner at Alfie Winn

“Jenny is a pleasure to work with, I feel she has offered invaluable insight into my business and I can’t wait to implement her advice and see the difference it makes. I very much hope to work with her again in the future.”  – Chiara, Hoobynoo World

“I’m extremely impressed with Jenny’s translation of my thoughts and ramblings!  I’ve felt really enthused since our chat and have tried to build on some of the real positives that came out of our conversation.” – Emma, Modo Creative

“I contacted Jenny, not because I needed to be told what to do, but because a small voice of self-doubt was chiming in my mind.  I was guilty of procrastination, which I found paralysed the way forward for me and my  business.  From my initial chat with Jenny, to completing her form, the session on the phone and finally the notes and follow up have been most impressive.  They have made me question why I am doing what I do, and what I want to get from it – along with finding the answers along the way.  In a nutshell I feel I have moved from procrastination to productivity with Jenny’s help!” – Amanda Spells, The Little Boathouse

Meet Jenny

I’m passionate about creative small businesses and the people behind them. My unique blend of industry experience and creative intuition allow me to guide entrepreneurs towards their full potential, whatever stage they’re at. My specialities are storytelling and finding clarity in busy and often messy places. Read more.


  • Hello moon. Hello Monday. Hello lovely walk home after meeting the lovely @mrs_anna_maughan for coffee. It's my intention to see more people in person this year, as well as fall in love with this city I've called home for almost two years but haven't quite settled in yet. I just love getting home in twilight! And isn't it good to get home in the light?
  • Just settling down to get my thoughts in order for this evening's book club on The Great Gatsby! I'm hosting a live online (and free!) book club for @bookishlyuk and I can't wait! Do you love or hate Gatsby? Have you read it? Do you think of it as a great American novel? I have so many questions! And I'm also a little nervous as this is my first non-business live video. So if you're free around 8pm GMT, I'd love some moral support! We'll be over on Facebook in the @bookishlyuk group - there's a link on their page. Readers gotta read! 🤓
#bookstagram #bookishlybookclub #bookworm #readersgottaread #amreading #greatgatsby #bookclub #books
  • Disappointment is a somewhat disappointing fact of life.

And even though we can be in the ongoing process of creating a life with fewer disappointments by adjusting our expectations and our actions, the truth is we can’t guarantee outcomes, and so we experience disappointment.

From minor disappointments, like drinking a cup of tea way after it’s gone cold, to major disappointments, such as business opportunities not being fulfilled, it’s important that we can process everything we feel and make great choices going forward.

Even small disappointments, when noticed and processed, can lead to better situations next time. You might be more mindful of when you make a cup of tea next time, or you might get an insulated cup! For the bigger disappointments, the more we process them, the more we learn about what happened, what fell through, what that means for our choices going forward.

Too often, we’re too quick to try and jump up and move on and pretend nothing happened. Hope no one noticed, including ourselves. In my experience, this can keep us stuck in secret disappointment that we can’t shake off…

More over on the blog (link in profile!)
  • My first blog of the year is basically a massive thank you to the important, difficult year that was 2017. Don't get me wrong, like so many I'm totally to say bye and move on! But it isn't black and white, so I'm offering gratitude to everything 2017 brought me, and a few prompts for you too. PS a couple of new year coaching spots left! Links in my profile...

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