Hi, I’m Jenny. Nice to meet you!

Let’s get to know each other a little better. I’ll start…

I am truly, honestly, effervescently passionate about small creative businesses – designers, makers, artists, creatives – and helping them to reach their audience, grow their business and (crucially) feel good while they’re doing it.

Photo by Xanthe Berkeley

Photo by Xanthe Berkeley

I have experience.

For nearly five years, I worked for notonthehighstreet.com (the UK’s leading online marketplace for small creative businesses), where I provided support, advice and guidance for the small businesses they work with across a range of subjects. Incredibly rewarding and varied, I learnt what makes a great product, how to sell online, and how to grow and develop a small business effectively.

Since becoming a mentor and coach in my own right, I’ve worked with over 100 small creative business owners to uncover the next steps for them to grow their business and reach their goals. Varying from small just-getting-started enterprises to million-pound-turnovers, I love to get to the bottom of the businesses and lives my clients truly want. (They have also said nice things about my work.)

I am a writer.

That’s where it all started for me. Writing is my go-to creative place, and one of the services I offer to kick-start your online product offering.

I am a mentor.

While working with thousands of small creative businesses at notonthehighstreet.com, I discovered a talent and love for problem-solving, trouble-shooting, chewing the fat and sharing insight with the entrepreneurs I worked with. I use a blend of coaching and consultancy to provide the best service to each unique client and business.

I am an advocate.

It’s not just about helping individuals – it’s about flying the flag for small business, for creativity, for independents. I care, passionately, about sharing the amazing results of talented creators across the internet and the world.

Wouldn’t it be lovely?

To have someone who knows how truly, madly, deeply confusing, stressful and overwhelming it is to run a small business?

To feel you’re not alone, but without having to ask for help. (We all know how hard that can be when you’re already running low.)

To be reminded to celebrate the brilliance of your business, your success, your life when it feels like you’re teetering on the edge of sanity.

To believe that taking care of yourself is taking care of your business, for someone to remind you to take care of yourself, to keep your eye on the end goal, to focus on progress, not perfection.

I create new perspectives. I uncover clarity. I provide effective tools.

I love books, notebooks, green pens and Earl Grey (no milk).

Now it’s your turn. Get in touch!

Photo by Xanthe Berkeley

Photo by Xanthe Berkeley

Meet Jenny

I’m passionate about creative small businesses and the people behind them. My unique blend of industry experience and creative intuition allow me to guide entrepreneurs towards their full potential, whatever stage they’re at. My specialities are storytelling and finding clarity in busy and often messy places. Read more.


  • Hello moon. Hello Monday. Hello lovely walk home after meeting the lovely @mrs_anna_maughan for coffee. It's my intention to see more people in person this year, as well as fall in love with this city I've called home for almost two years but haven't quite settled in yet. I just love getting home in twilight! And isn't it good to get home in the light?
  • Just settling down to get my thoughts in order for this evening's book club on The Great Gatsby! I'm hosting a live online (and free!) book club for @bookishlyuk and I can't wait! Do you love or hate Gatsby? Have you read it? Do you think of it as a great American novel? I have so many questions! And I'm also a little nervous as this is my first non-business live video. So if you're free around 8pm GMT, I'd love some moral support! We'll be over on Facebook in the @bookishlyuk group - there's a link on their page. Readers gotta read! 🤓
#bookstagram #bookishlybookclub #bookworm #readersgottaread #amreading #greatgatsby #bookclub #books
  • Disappointment is a somewhat disappointing fact of life.

And even though we can be in the ongoing process of creating a life with fewer disappointments by adjusting our expectations and our actions, the truth is we can’t guarantee outcomes, and so we experience disappointment.

From minor disappointments, like drinking a cup of tea way after it’s gone cold, to major disappointments, such as business opportunities not being fulfilled, it’s important that we can process everything we feel and make great choices going forward.

Even small disappointments, when noticed and processed, can lead to better situations next time. You might be more mindful of when you make a cup of tea next time, or you might get an insulated cup! For the bigger disappointments, the more we process them, the more we learn about what happened, what fell through, what that means for our choices going forward.

Too often, we’re too quick to try and jump up and move on and pretend nothing happened. Hope no one noticed, including ourselves. In my experience, this can keep us stuck in secret disappointment that we can’t shake off…

More over on the blog (link in profile!)
  • My first blog of the year is basically a massive thank you to the important, difficult year that was 2017. Don't get me wrong, like so many I'm totally to say bye and move on! But it isn't black and white, so I'm offering gratitude to everything 2017 brought me, and a few prompts for you too. PS a couple of new year coaching spots left! Links in my profile...

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