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Here’s the thing: strength


Yesterday, I launched a Crowdfunder for Copper Boom. I will tell you all about it, I promise, but right now I need to tell you about strength. Isn’t it sometimes true that you have to go beyond your limits (or what you thought were your limits) in order to see how capable you are? In order to see how strong you are? Strength, it seems, is what I’m discovering new layers of, beyond the surface and the next rung down Keep Reading…

Meet Jenny

I’m passionate about small creative businesses and the brilliant people behind them. My unique blend of industry experience and creative intuition allows me to guide entrepreneurs towards their full potential. I work with people at every stage of running a business – from newbie to veteran. My specialities are authentic storytelling, finding clarity at crossroads, and online product presentation. Learn moreget in touch or take a look at my upcoming courses.